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[December 11th 2005
12 50 PM
[ mood | content ]

Mkay peoples, so I made ANOTHER lj account. It's 'shad0w__' so go add it!

<33 kara~

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[December 10th 2005
4 09 PM
[ mood | confused ]

I saw you online. I panicked; I didn't know what to do. I stared numbly at the screen, hoping you would IM me.

But you didn't. Now, you've signed off. I missed my chance. Again.

Why am I the only one who's not fucking happy with this? Fix the problem, get her out of the way. I thought, and now she's got to live with my choice. I just don't know if she'll like it or not.


What did I do?


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[December 10th 2005
1 55 PM
[ mood | annoyed ]

I am so bored. =|

There's a mini family reuinion going on outside of my bedroom door. People whose's names I can't even remember are here, and they're all screaming in French. =/


Jesus. I'm very anxiousy today. I am going to actually be *happy* when school comes.

It gives me a chance to sort everything out. Because everything *needs* to be sorted out. Badly. I want my life back in order. Sheesh.

Oh, and I took the SSATs today. Pretty easy. =) I saw Ali there, and she was sitting across from this random kid that I don't know, which means she probably didn't know him either.

THREE HOURS LONG. The one thing I hate about that damned test.

BORED BORED BORED BORED BORED. Erica, you can't even *try* to get me out of this house, there's ice right outside my steps and I'm not going anywhere where the snow pile is taller than my dad's truck. 0_o

Ya know, most people would say, "Ah, New England's so lucky! I want snow. I want to go live there." But, those people either live: a) in California or any other surrounding states. b) in Florida or any other surrounding states. or c) in Hell. ^^

Oh, BTW, I attempted to re-organize my book. It's coming along quite nicely. ^^ I'm happy with it so far. Yay for writing!!


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O.M.G. =| [December 8th 2005
3 21 PM
[ mood | WHAT DID I DO?!?! ]


Ohmigod. I am so lost right now, it's not even funny. So, last night just started out dancing with my girls, all normal and shit, and it ended with me slow dancing with Zak. And the stuff that went on in between- oh, you don't even wanna know.

BEGINNING: Dancing with the girls, nice and normal and usual. Yay. Sam tried to dance near me, but eventually he gave up. I don't think he has enough courage. And I would have danced with him too, had he just tried.

MIDDLE: Found Zak. He JUST broke up with his girlfriend (Julie) that VERY day. She (thank GOD) didn't go to the dance. However, one of her little friends told her that they saw me and Zak grinding. Oops. =( We got a *little* too into it. Oops again. Tom tried grinding with me, but that didn't go too well. xDD

END: A slow song came on, and Zak asked me to dance with him, so I did. First dude to ask me, thank you very much (*feels proud*) Anyway, Tom decides to be a tard and try to jump in, so Zak decides to be nice and let him in. Tom seriously needs to learn *how* to dance before attempting to try and dance with ANYONE.

POST DANCE: Outside, Zak comes up to me, Mel and Brian and says, "Sam comes up to me and he goes, 'You lucky single bastard.'" I was sitting there, thinking about it, while Sam was listening the WHOLE TIME. Immediately, he whirls around and goes, "What was that?" he looked like he was about to punch Zak out. Ohmigod. Oh, yeah, and Zak likes me. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I mean, he's a cool kid to hang out with and all, but I just couldn't do that to Vicky, or Julie, or Sam, or myself.

That was the EXTREMELY SHORT, VERY VAGUE version. Oh, yeah, and Mark knows about Zak. Mark needs to stop going to dances, and butting in my life.


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-coughs- [December 5th 2005
1 07 PM
[ mood | I need a doctor- gah *drools* ]

Ew. I hate being sick.

But, I like the fact that I get to sit at home all day and catch up on some writing. Writing makes me happy. =)

I had my interview at Brooks today, and I think it went pretty well. I told the guy about my writing, and drawing, and that I wanted to do soccer last year but I couldn't get any information. He told my mom that I was nervous in the beginning (which I wasn't, I just didn't know what to talk about) and he told her that I was very honest and that I wasn't prepped for anything. Which were two pluses. xDD

I have a lot more info for my stories now, which I think will help me. Hopefully.

Did I tell any of you that I had my interview at Phillips last week? Wow, that place is HUGE. Brooks is so much smaller. I want to get in to either one of them, but I doubt I will. My mom does too. =/

I like both schools, but part of me wants to go to Phillips and the other part wants to go to Brooks. Before, I just wanted to go to high school. But, now that I've seen both campuses, I want to go to a place that will give me a chance to learn. I wanted to go to MHS because most of my friends were going there, but now I say, " Screw friends! I want to go to college later on." I also want someone that I can refer to with my writing. MHS won't provide that. The guy that interviewed me today told me he was helping a kid at Brooks to write a novel. I want someone to go to like that. My mom isn't all that educated, so aside from the books she's read, she can't help me anymore than MHS can. My friends- sure, they'll read it, say it's good, then go on with their lives. I need a person to go to that will tell me what my weaknesses are, and how I can improve them. I need a person to go to that will tell me my strengths, and how to build off of them. I can't get that from a regular public high school. =/

I need this more than anything.


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[November 22nd 2005
7 44 PM
[ mood | curious ]

Well, that was fun. The Chorus and Band Concert, I mean.

Okay, so, me, mom, and Mel (my other sister xDD) went to the concert to see Mark play. In the time during the entire time we were there, me, Brian, Mel, and Danny managed to knock off a cap to some important item on the wall, kick it down the aisle (I don't think Brian ever put it back up), think up something horribly bad for Mel's present (SHHH!! We're getting her a PS2 and then we're gonna re-wire it all ourselves), watch Brian play hide-n-seek, screamed at my mom for being weird, hog tied my piggie (naw, I'm kidding), watched Vicky, Nicole, Zak, Mark, and Chrissy all play some instruments, almost climbed up on stage and did somersaults for the James Bond Theme, watched Jesus Christ-Myers play his little flute or whatever he had, and stole back my friend from my mom, who stole Vicky from me.

TOMORROW IS A HALF DAY!!!!!!! -w00t-

Zak is my new lover. xDDDDD


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[November 21st 2005
7 47 PM
[ mood | tired ]

Oh. My. God.

That was just about the best dance ever. Wow.

M'Kay. So, I "looked like a slut" according to Brian. xDD I "danced like a slut" according to Brian. I "am a slut" according to Brian. But, I didn't care. I'd rather be a slut and dance with all my friends than be a seventh grader and sit on the bench the whole time. It was hilarious. Me, Vicky M, Vicky W, and Mel danced together the whole time, and I "taught" Max how to dance. xDD Just an excuse. Mel scolded me afterward. Me and Zak were- nevermind. I'd rather not discuss that. xD Anywho, me and Brian tried to get Alex F to dance, and I eventually ended up spilling Alex's drink all over poor Andrea. We laughed at all the seventh graders who tried to dance, (us being pros and all) and laughed at them again when they got lost during the Cotton I Joe dance. I love that dance. xDDD Nick officially loves me. xDD The music was LOUD, and the people were LOUDER. =. When the song from Grind came on (you remember, the part when they were at that party? I loved that scene) Curt, Mike, Nick, Danny, Ryan, and (I think) Sam went up and did the whole dance. I swear to God, I thought about half the crowd didn't know where it was from. Curt was awsome. We tried to find My Humps, and Mike Jones, but there wasn't any. I thought Sam was gonna ask me to dance, but he didn't know how, and I was saved. I wore my AWSOME necklace that Auntie Donna and Uncle David got me from Italy (or Italia) and everybody was asking where it was from. Yay for Italia!! But, all in all, it was just about the best dance I've ever been to. Just think- these dances are only the precurser to our raves and constant clubbing. YAY!!

♥ kara~

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[November 18th 2005
4 23 PM
Meh. Crap.

I wanna go out tonight, but there's no one to go with, just because Mel's retarded and she has "company" (when has she not ditched someone for something she really wants to do?) and Brittney can't make up her mind (she wants to go to the mall, but she also wants to go to the game, where its cold, and Methuen sucks anyways). Mark's already at the mall with his friends, but none of my friends are sure about anything. I was going to tell Mel, "Well, bring Max and Sam with you!" just so I could have the perfect chance to make Sam jealous (cuz Max is my lover xDD) and I would be with my friends. But they're bitches. Oh.

Me and Shane got into a competition today, online. It was so hilarious. We were just throwing out random Snoop Dawg quotes at each other. It was so hilarious.

And tonight was one of the few times me and Vicky didn't talk about boners. xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Poor, poor, Zak.


Do ya remember that, when we went to the Burlington? Holy crap, that was one of the funniest times of my life. xDD

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Yo. [November 15th 2005
2 14 PM
[ mood | amused ]

Describe one word that represents me.

Comment to me, then post this entry to your LJ and see how many strange things people think about you!

Tony and me got into a fight in FCS today. xDD It was hilarious. He wanted to copy my homework, and I was like, " NO!" and so it ended with us wiping glue all over each other. Then, he stuck a Sharpie in my face, and so I hit him. He started yelling out, " Ah, she hit me!" and so Mr. Mancini decides to be awsome and goes, " No she didn't." xDD Tony always loses. I don't know why he bothers.

I saw Liam today, as I was walking out of FCS. He had a HUGE bruise underneath his eye. =( I feel so bad for him.

TOMORROW'S WEDNESDAY!! xDD No school for me!! Doctor's appointments and dentists all day. Life is good.

And Sunday is my official favorite day. ^^ Bam. Bethany fuckin think's he's a singer. What an idiot. xD

♥ kara~

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[November 14th 2005
8 08 PM
[ mood | calm ]

Damn, I seriously wanna watch that Punk'd commercial again... I am so fucking excited for Sunday, it's not even funny. Gee lied. >=. I don't like him anymore.

I really don't wanna go to Jimmy's this weekend, because there's a good chance that mom'll totally blow off all of my plans to watch TV, and drink. Then, she won't "feel safe" driving home. Whatever the hell that means. Then, we'll have to stay at Jimmy's until Monday, and then have to wake up at five to go to school. But, if you've ever driven through Wolfeboro in the early morning, then you'd know how beautifully peaceful it is.

Radio Bam's on tonight. I actually checked Gee's site (I HATE him right now) and it's a live show. Yay!! ^^ I'm pissed at the people who pressure Aussie, but I just can't wait. He needs to download it THIS SECOND. xDD Mmmm.... Bam.

Bored, man. Everyone's lying to me. -pouts- Brittney lied to me, fucking Gee lied, and I bet Tom lied. I don't want to even TALK to Brittney at this point, just because I know that whatever word comes out of her mouth will totally screw at least one person. That's what she's like. Her life is just a big, blonde moment, and she totally loves it. I think she's getting influenced by Laguna Beach. Hell, I think even those of us who don't watch it are getting influenced by it. xDD

That totally sucks, man.


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